Supermarket Licensing Terms

At the moment, large number of labels working with us: Ministry of Sound, Hed Handi, Disco:Wax, HiFi Stories, Le Bien Et Le Mal Recordings, Tenor Recordings, Doppelgänger, Musica Diaz / Senorita, Gastspiel Records, Hugh Recordings, Play This Track Records, Shibiza Recordings, Low Blow Records, Tretmuehle, Budenzauber, Raumzeit Records, Scrambled Recordings, Krankenhaus Musik and many more!

We are glad you want to have our music for your projects, but it is very important know the Supermarket policies, about this:

  • No advance = No License
  • First time Licensee? 100% of the advance is required before contract is signed. This is non-negotiable
  • Quarterly accounting ONLY
  • Royalty statements are required every quarter for the length of the term and to be delivered no later than 45 days after quarter has ended
  • Statements will be requested each and every quarter!
  • If you cannot provide a quarterly statement please do not request a license!
  • No packaging deduction
  • 0% reserves
  • Non exclusive
  • 1 year terms are offered for first time licensees. If statements and any applicable payments have been delivered as promised terms may be renewed on a 3 year basis
  • 50% on all digital sales
  • 18% on all physical (compilation) sales
  • 5 copies of all physical items to be mailed to Supermarket
  • 16 bit 44khz .wav/.aiff masters are not delivered until agreement is signed and advance is received

If any of the above terms are not honored we will contact each and every store/aggregater to have the release removed. Please note we sign many licenses each and every quarter but we need to make sure you understand our terms first. Our artists are incredibly happy here and we want to keep that going!

For all proposals contact here:: HERE